Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use a private investigator?

To satisfy your urge to know! To gain awareness about a situation that may be compromising your private or business life. Ultimately we are all at one point or another placed in a situation where there is something going on and we’d love to know what it is, but you can’t just ask… Whether it is a spouse, employee or other person of interest, you need to protect your relationship, children or business. Private investigators are fully trained professionals who are bound by a strict code of conduct and ethics, and are licensed to carry out the tasks involved in gathering intelligence. If you attempt to carry out any part of the investigation yourself, and are either seen or raise suspicion, it is extremely difficult to continue the investigation, irrespective of how experienced an investigator is.

How does the process of private investigation work?

Once you have made contact with Agency99, a senior investigator will discuss the case with you to gather the necessary information from you so we can establish a strategic plan of action. We also determine the method of reporting, and what type of evidence you will require. During the course of our inquiries, a senior investigator will keep you updated with the progress and together you will make assessments based on any developments in the case. Once the job is complete, we provide you with the appropriate evidence which may include a written report, video footage or other documentation.

What sort of information do you need to start an investigation?

It depends on what type of job it is, but the general rule is - as much as possible. We understand the sensitivity of some situations and we understand there might be some information you may not want to share, but as investigators, we are experienced with all types of cases and deal with all sorts of circumstances every day, without judgement. The chances are that we have dealt with a case similar to yours and any piece of information, no matter hoe irrelevant it seems, can be the difference between solving the case and not.

How do I contact a private investigator?

We are extremely flexible in how we discuss the assignment, and it will depend on whether we need any physical information from you such as photographs or documentation. We can speak with you over the phone, via email, or we can meet in person at a location that is suitable and where you feel totally at ease discussing sensitive matters. This can be at your home or office, at an office determined by us, or a neutral location such as a cafe. To contact us using your preferred method please click here.

What will a private investigator cost me?

It is difficult to ascertain the total cost before we have commenced the investigation and become aware of the determining factors. We are, however, extremely transparent with our fee structure so you can set a budget. We never do any work until you have agreed to it, and always ensure you are aware of the costs involved in any task before we proceed.

Will I Have to Pay Anything Upfront?

Yes. Most private investigators will request a retainer, and have a minimum time frame for some services. Eg: there is a 4 hour minimum for surveillance; as we do not charge travel time to get to the job within the Sydney Metro area, it is not viable for us to send an operative for any less time than that. For a list of fees please click here.

How long does an investigation take?

An investigation can take anywhere from a few hours to days, weeks or even years, depending on what the results you are trying to achieve and how readily available the information is.

Do you have private investigators Australia-wide?

Yes, we can arrange for work to be carried out anywhere in Australia, and in some cases overseas. Our Head office is in Sydney, although we have affiliate companies country-wide and if budget allows we can dispatch operatives from Sydney.

Are your investigators licensed?

Yes, all of our investigators must follow appropriate training protocols for the purposes of being licensed by the Police under the Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents (CAPI) Legislation.

Will my Details be Given Out to Anyone Else?

We will require certain details in order to get the job organised. The operative who is briefed on the job is only provided as much information as is absolutely necessary to carry out the assignment as thoroughly as possible. In the Private Investigation industry, confidentiality is paramount, and we exercise client-investigator privilege in all respects. We ask that all of our operatives sign a confidentiality agreement to further protect our clients from disclosure of classified information.